about me

I'm a Pappalardo Fellow in the MIT Department of Physics-- check out my CV to see what I've been up to in recent years

More About Me

My Background

I received my PhD in physics from Berkeley in 2019 with the support of the Hertz Foundation and the National Science Foundation. My dissertation, "Searching for the invisible: how dark forces shape our Universe" was supervised by Hitoshi Murayama. Before my time in California, I graduated from MIT in 2014 with a degree in physics. My senior thesis was supervised jointly by Tracy Slatyer and David Kaiser, and I also worked with Max Tegmark and Alan Guth. 

My Research

My interests are at the intersection of theoretical astrophysics, particle physics and cosmology, although sometimes I do like to get my hands dirty with the data. A major focus of my research is understanding the composition and behavior of dark matter. My ultimate goal is to recover every bit of information about what our Universe is made of by considering how astrophysical systems would be affected with the addition of new, undiscovered particles and interactions.

I also love making food. Check out what I've been making lately!

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